Fernando de Noronha's Scuba Diving

Fernando de Noronha is an archipelago in Pernambuco State which includes 21 volcanic islands. It is a UNESCO world heritage site. Incredible, picturesque nature and unique underwater world make this region attractive to many divers.
The depth at the local dive sites may range from 17 to 63 m. You can explore rocky tunnels, coral gardens, caves and canyons. You will never forget this bright and vibrant underwater world. The Brazilian warships wrecked in 1987 are very popular among professional divers. There are other wrecks, so wreck-diving enthusiasts will find here a lot of exciting places to explore. It is a habitat for both small reef fish and large animals, such as sharks and turtles.

Getting There

There are a few ways by which you can come to the Fernando de Noronha Islands: by the cruise ship from Recife, the capital of Pernambuco State, or by plane from Natal or Recife. The only airport on the archipelago accommodates flights from Brazilian coast every day.


The climate on the archipelago is tropical and hot with cool sea winds. That is why here you will have an opportunity to dive all year round. However, the best period for diving is from August to January. The rainy season stretches from February to July. The water is always warm, between +27 and +28 °C. The air is relatively hot, with temperature ranging from +28 to +30°C

Dive Spots near Fernando de Noronha

Pedras Secas is famous for its rocky tunnels, caves and canyons. Nurse sharks and green turtles are likely to accompany divers. If you are lucky, you will see hammerhead sharks and manta rays.
The slow current in Buraco das Cabras will take you through the rock passages that resemble the ruins of an ancient castle. Lobsters, blue barracudas and queen angelfishes are found at any depth.

Dive into
Fernando de Noronha