Felidhoo Atoll's Scuba Diving

One of the most interesting diving places on the Maldives is Felidhoo Atoll. It is made up of 19 beautiful islands and has 26 long and deep channels on the eastern side, which are suitable for dives. Here, scuba divers will discover channels, sunken peaks, walls, and cliffs. On the eastern part of the island is a diving site, Fotteyo Kandu. It ranks in the top 5 of the best dive spots in the world.
On Felidhoo, many pelagic fishes (sharks, rays) come close to the shore. Inside of the atoll, there are thickets of corals that are striking in their brightness and architecture. In the midst of this beauty, you can see shoals of tropical fishes playing. They fear the predators inhabiting the outer part of the atoll, like caranxes and barracudas.

Getting There

You can reach Felidhoo only by water. The trip from the capital of Maldives, Male, takes 1.5 hours by speedboat or 5.5 hours by ferry. The nearest international airport is located on Hulhule Island, which is located 2 km from Male.

Dive Shops in


Felidhoo Atoll is good for diving and recreation all year round, but the best conditions here are from January to May. The average annual air temperature is +30 °C. The water temperature varies between +27 and +30 °C all year round, with visibility reaching about 20-30 meters. The currents depend on the place and range from moderate to strong.

Dive Spots near Felidhoo Atoll

Fotteyo Kandu is one of the best diving sites that is famous for its diversity of marine dwellers. It is a narrow channel, which is divided into two parts by a small reef. Here you will see grey reef and silvertip sharks, tuna and barracudas.
Medhu Kandu is a paradise for underwater photographers. The walls of the channel are covered with corals. There are humphead wrasses, sharks, rays, and a number of coral reef fishes here.