Donggala's Scuba Diving

Donggala is a regency in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. It brings its shores to the Indian and the Pacific Oceans. This place is characterised by unusual nature and a long house reef. Diving in Donggala was developed as recently as in 1990's. This destination is still considered one of the most popular. The underwater landscape stands out by the picturesque coral reefs, walls, caves, and out shots. About fantastic 20 dive sites are scattered around Donggala. One of the most favourite places is Tanjung Karang, or the Coral Reef, where you can see a beautiful house reef surrounded by busy underwater life. Here you will enjoy the diversity of marine fauna. Extreme night dives are available here.

Getting There

Donggala is 40 km away from Palu Airport. You can go from Palu by a rented cat or a taxi. The trip will take 40-50 min.


The tropical climate of Donggala favours all year round diving. However, rains are largely common throughout the year. The driest months are August and September when the air temperature is +26-27 ° C, and the water warms up to +26 ° C. The least recommended moth for visit is May. Rainstorms are very common during this month.

Dive Spots near Donggala

Reefs and walls are the main dive spots in Donggala. The quintessential diving spot is the House reef with an abundance of underwater life. The Anchor and Natural Reefs at a depth of 6 to 25 meters are also impressive. The other popular sites are Pasi Kawe, Pasi Utara, Pasi Ujung, and the South Atol. Large blacktip and silvertip sharks can be seen here. Batu Suya and Enu I, II with vertical walls, caves and benches are also rather interesting.