Corn Islands's Scuba Diving

The Corn Islands are two volcanic islands washed by the Caribbean Sea, 70 km from Nicaragua coastline. The Corn Islands are an autonomous region of the country, which consists of Big Corn and Little Corn islands. These places are not very popular with tourists; therefore they can boast of magnificent virgin nature with snow-white and clean beaches. Nevertheless, the islands are very popular with divers. Reefs, rocks, and caves represent the underwater landscape. There are about 20 dive sites of various difficulty levels here. In the deep, a little-known sunken ship of the 19th century lies, which have become home for large fish and sharks.

Getting There

The Corn Islands are located 70 km away from Nicaragua. You can reach them by taking a taxi or a bus from Managua International Airport and go to El Rama. Then you would have to take a speedboat. There is water transport between the islands.

Dive Shops in


The climate on the Corn Islands is suitable for all year round diving, except for the season of short rains (from May to January). The most suitable time for diving is the dry season from February to April when the average air temperature is +25-29 °C, and the water warms up to +23-27 °C. It is not recommended to visit the islands in July as it is the rainiest month of the year.

Dive Spots near Corn Islands

Reefs, rocks, caves, and a wreck are the main dive spots of the Corn Islands. Blowing Rock is one of the best dive sites in Nicaragua. It is a giant volcanic peak with many marine creatures inhabiting the area around it. A sunken Spanish galleon of the 19th century is a place of special interest for divers.