Corfu Island's Scuba Diving

Corfu Island is located in the northern part of the Ionian Sea, in the western part of Greece. The soil on Corfu is the most fertile in Greece, and the maximum amount of rain falls on it. The city with the same name is recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
The landscape is unique here: there are rocky formings that turn into deserted sandy beaches. Hundreds of species of fish, corals, and molluscs dwell in the local waters. The sea that washes the sea is crystal clear: the visibility reaches 30 meters, and diving depth is up to 40 meters. You can see caves, tunnels, a pile of stones. Reefs are a perfect place for underwater photographers. Rocks and walls are covered with soft red corals and algae. The most significant part of the marine territory is covered with coral gardens, inhabited by molluscs and fish.

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The Corfu island boasts a Mediterranean climate that is soft with a long warm period. Diving is possible here all year round, but the best time for diving is from May to September. The air temperature at this time is +24-31 °C. Visibility reaches 15-30 meters, depending on the season and dive site.

Dive Spots near Corfu Island

Agni Reef Is located in the north-eastern part of the island, not far from Nisaki. Here you will find rock formations, crevices, small caves, a coral garden with sea urchins, octopuses, shorthorn sculpins, and cuttlefish.
According to a legend, Monopetra is Ulysses' ship that turned into stone. At the spot, there is a cave with three exits, which is decorated with sea anemones and inhabited by nudibranchs and rockfish.