Coffs Harbour's Scuba Diving

Coffs Harbour consists of separate islands near the north-eastern shore of Australian New South Wales. The region is famous for its abundant marine life and breathtaking diving. Coffs Harbour is a quiet seaside area with beaches located far from the city. It offers many interesting dive sites and can surely be regarded as a must-visit location for diving across the eastern shore.
The underwater landscape is rich and diverse. Divers will enjoy incredibly beautiful coral reefs, see colourful polyps and will take many excellent photographs. They will watch magnificent sharks, tiny shrimps and fantastic stingrays.


Climate in Coffs Harbour favours diving all year round, but from December to April is the best time for underwater exploration. The sea warms up then, and it rains just a little. The average air temperature ranges from 19 °C in June or July to 27 °C during January. Visibility at diving sites is around 20-30 m.

Dive Spots near Coffs Harbour

South Solitary Island is a famous place. During just one diving session, you will see shoals of grey nurse sharks, groupers, wobbegong sharks, bull rays, as well as manta rays that come here in winter.
Buchanan’s Wall is a dive site with the rocky bottom covered with corals. It hosts various dwellers, such as turtles, eels, octopuses and lionfish.

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