Chumphon's Scuba Diving

Chumphon is the capital of the province with the same name. Southern Thailand officially begins here. The climate here is nice, and the waters of the Gulf of Thailand are crystal clear. The rich marine flora and fauna of the place will amaze even the most experienced diver.
Professionals will appreciate the gloomy splendor of its sunken ships, diving into caves to discover their secrets. There's not a single bright colour in the underwater crevices — everyone who lives here is grey. Near the surface, you can swim around corals and their colourful dwellers — parrotfish and butterflyfish. Sometimes giant whale sharks come here — following the minuscule marine dweller, plankton. Some divers might get lucky and see other rare pelagic fish.

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Chumphon has a tropical monsoon climate. The air temperature stays between +25 and +26 °C all year round. February to May is the best time for diving; and the water reaches its greatest visibility from November to March. Maximum precipitation falls from May to November, especially in the later months. The sea warms up to +26-28 °C.

Dive Spots near Chumphon

The Koh Ngam Noi dive site has cliffs decorated with gorgonians. Inside the rocks you will discover Nudibranch molluscs, sea bass, caranx, and yellowtail barracudas.
Koh Lak Ngam is a dive site with beautiful corals — including rare black ones. The local fauna is made up of parrotfish, fugu fish, Moorish idols, and butterflyfish.