Cairns's Scuba Diving

Cairns is an Australian city that sits on the Coral Sea coast. It is also the most visited place in North Queensland. The city is rightly considered the gateway to the dive sites of the Great Barrier Reef.
The world's largest coral reef attracts many divers. There are around 50 great diving locations within the vicinity. The range is so wide that it will mesmerize any diving fan. You will see caves, cliffs, sharp ledges, caverns, various corals, sandy glades, shoals of pelagic fish, giant sponges, manta rays and many other curiosities. Apart from scuba diving and snorkelling, there are locations for drift, shark and techno diving; as well as locations for macro photography fans.

Dive Shops in Cairns


Cairns has a tropical climate, with diving available all year round. The water temperature stays at +22-29 °C throughout the year. Underwater visibility is good because the water is clear — becoming just perfect from September to November. Rain is more frequent in summer than winter. It rains either early in the morning, or late in the evening.

Dive Spots near Cairns

Cairns is a starting point for dive tours to the Great Barrier Reef — in particular to the Ribbon, Osprey, and Flynn reefs. Flynn Reef is located 60 km east of Cairns. Here, you will find walls, corals, and diverse marine life. The reef is home to giant turtles, silvertip reef sharks, sea anemones, and clownfish.