Bum Bum Island's Scuba Diving

Bum Bum Island is a secluded island surrounded by the Darvel Bay in the South China Sea. It belongs to the state of Sabah, Malaysia. The island features lush nature with white beaches and remarkable, underwater fauna representatives. The island is popular among divers — especially among those who appreciate peace and quiet. Due to its inaccessibility and remoteness from the mainland, any tourist is a rare guest here. The underwater landscape is made up of picturesque coral reefs, teeming with wild creatures. People actively engage in diving and snorkelling here. From April to August there is excellent visibility (up to 30 m). Truly fantastic diving awaits for you!

Getting There

Bum Bum Island is connected to the mainland city of Semporna by the Terusan Tando Bulong navigable canal. You can get to the island by ferry or by booking a dive tour.


The tropical climate on Bum Bum Island is good for year-round diving — except for the monsoon season (October to February) and the rainy season in May. The most comfortable period for diving is from April to August, when the visibility is great. The average air temperature is between + 29-32 °C, and average water temperatures between +27-29 °C. The driest month is April.

Dive Spots near Bum Bum Island

The main dive spots of Bum Bum Island are reefs. For diving and snorkelling, head to Pulau Sebangkat. There are no currents on the Southeast of the island. This place is a Paradise for fans of macro photography — among the amazing gorgonia you will see reef fish, pygmy seahorse, shrimps, and colourful nudibranchs.