Bol's Scuba Diving

Bol is an ancient town in the south of Brač Island, Croatia. Its history dates back to the 18th century when local fishermen went out for the first time on the Adriatic Sea. Nowadays it is a tourist region, offering beautiful landscapes and underwater tours. During diving excursions, you will discover the exotic dwellers of the local waters.
The great visibility is one of the key reasons why it's worth trying a dive in Bol. Scuba divers will enjoy the views of merchant ships which wrecked thousands of years ago; the colourful reefs; and caves full of corals. It is also possible to dive near the famous Zlatni Rat pebble beach; and fans of underwater photography can take wonderful macro photos.

Getting There

The nearest international airport is in Split, which is linked with Brač via ferry service. After you arrive in Brač by ferry, you should travel 35 km more to get to Bol.


The climate in Bol is moderate and mild. Winters are rainy and summers are dry. November, December and January are the wettest months. The best time for diving is from May until the beginning of October. The average air temperature varies from +8 to +11 °C in winter and between +26 and +29 °C in summer. The water warms up to +25 °C. Visibility is from 10 to 30 m. The currents are slow-moving.