Bimini's Scuba Diving

Bimini is a chain of islands part of the Bahamian Archipelago. It is located off the US coast — 80 km to the East of Fort Lauderdale — and is surrounded by the waters of the Caribbean Sea. The largest islands of the group are Northern Bimini and Southern Bimini. Its warm sea and diverse fauna make this region attractive to divers. According to legend, the sunken city of Atlantis lies in the depths of the archipelago. The myth is rooted in the strange rocky formations 6 meters deep off the coast of Northern Bimini. Interest in these places has led them to become some of the most popular spots for diving.

Getting There

In Southern Bimini, there is an international airport. You can take a taxi from here to the ferry which will quickly take you to Northern Bimini.


The Bimini Islands are located in the mild subtropical climate zone. The average monthly temperature doesn't drop below +20 ˚С. The rainy season with its hurricanes (which are typical for the Caribbean region) lasts from May till October. The best time for visit is from November to May. The air warms up to +32 ˚C, and the water temperature reaches +25-27 °C.

Dive Spots near Bimini

The Bimini Road dive site is an underwater road paved with stone blocks. According to legend, this path was made by people and leads to Atlantis. If you want to see a variety of fish and have the perfect conditions for photography, then you should go to the Sapona dive spot. The Liberty, a ship covered with corals and sponges, lies here at a depth of 5 m.