Beruwala's Scuba Diving

Beruwala is a town and a port in the west coast of Sri Lanka, washed by the warm waters of the Indian Оcean. Here, you will not find the typical charm that islands usually have as the town is full of hotels and restaurants. Therefore, Beruwala will be a good choice for those who are used to comfort during their holidays. There are few beaches in the town due to a large port with many ships. But in the north, you will find a beach that has not been spoilt by civilization. Here, you can rest from the busy tourist life and dive in peace and quiet enjoying local underwater views. The main attractions of the resort are caves and rocky formations that are full of underwater fauna: molluscs, schools of fish, and sharks.

Getting There

Beruwala is located 92 km to the south of Colombo Airport, which accommodates both international and domestic flights. You can get to the resort by train along the Coastal line, as well as by bus or taxi via Galle motorway (A2). Depending on the chosen means of transport, the trip will take around 1 to 3 hours.

Dive Shops in


It is eternal summer in Beruwala but the best period for diving is from November to May. The wet season is from March to October, however, rainfall is not constant and it rains mostly at night. The air warms up to +30…+35 °C, and the water is +27 °C almost all year round. The currents are rather strong and the visibility is high (15 to 35 meters).

Dive Spots near Beruwala

The MV Tricolor is a Norwegian cargo ship which sank near the coasts of Beruwala in 1931. It lies at a depth of 65 meters and is accessible only for experienced divers.
The Barracuda Rock consists of 3 huge boulders covered with soft and stony corals. There are much fish such as barracudas, butterflyfish, triggerfish, wrasses, jack mackerels, sea bass, and marine angelfish.