Auckland's Scuba Diving

Auckland is a big city on the North Island in New Zealand. It harbors in the Pacific Ocean between the Hauraki Gulf in the east and the Waitakere Ranges in the west. Two beautiful harbours are very popular among divers: Waitemata opening into the Hauraki Gulf in the north, and Manukau connected with the Tasman Sea in the south. The coastline is nearly 4000 km long. Coastal waters are full of various dwellers. Due to the strong winds and tides, a lot of deep water species of fish can be found near the shore. These places attract scuba divers with the opportunity to watch whales, dolphins, orcas.

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Auckland has a subtropical climate. Characteristic to it is warm wet summer and mild humid winter. The average daily air temperature in February is +24 °C, and the water warms up to +23 °C. In July the air and water temperatures drop to +15 °C and +14 °C accordingly. There is a lot of precipitation during the year. July is the rainiest month and January is the driest one. Strong winds often blow here.

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