Antalya's Scuba Diving

Antalya is a resort port city in Turkey, located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is conventionally divided into two parts: the old and the new. Antalya is famous with its monuments of culture which date back to the Ancient Roman times. Scuba divers will see many exciting things under water. Rocks and stones covered with seaweed, beautiful corals and shoals of bright tropical fish will be attractive to everyone who likes to drift in the sea depths, slowly exploring underwater sceneries. There are historical monuments not only in the city but also under the water. Here you would also find several exciting wrecks. Warships, submarines and hospital ships are waiting for brave explorers who are ready to reveal secrets of shipwrecks.

Dive Shops in


Antalya has a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and humid and mild winters. The diving season lasts for 8 months – from April to November. Even in winter months, the sea temperature doesn't go below +16 °C. During diving, you need to take into account upwelling, cold layers of water which are brought from the bottom by the current.

Dive Spots near Antalya

The Aquarium dive site is perfect for beginners. It has got its name due to crystal-clear water and abundant marine life. Sargocentrones, eels, octopuses, and black scorpionfish inhabit these waters.
The San Didier wreck lies at a depth of 20 to 32 m. Hardly anything has remained from the cargo ship, but the location is popular with divers due to fantastic sceneries formed by its wreckage.