Angra dos Reis's Scuba Diving

Angra dos Reis is a Brazilian municipality located in the southern part of Rio de Janeiro and washed by the Atlantic Ocean. It includes about 300 islands; with the largest one being Ilha Grande. There is a protected reserve with secluded beaches and bays on the island. The clear waters will allow you to enjoy the rich underwater life and observe dolphins and whales. Here you can dive along the wall, see picturesque corals and try night diving. Local waters are a real treasure trove for wreck divers with shipwrecks lying on the bottom for centuries. The most popular wreck is the Pinguino cargo ship.

Getting There

Angra dos Reis is 100 km away from Rio de Janeiro and 250 km away from São Paulo. There are buses and transfers from these cities to Angra dos Reis. The cheapest way is by bus. The trip will take 2 hours from Rio and 4 hours from São Paulo.

Dive Shops in


The climate in Angra dos Reis allows diving all year round, except for the periods of tropical rains in January and March. The comfortable months are December, February and June when the air temperature is between +23 and +29 °C and the water is +23-27 °C. February is the hottest month (air temperature is +29 ºC, water temperature is +27 ºC), and August is the driest (air temperature is +22 ºC, and water temperature is +22 ºC).

Dive Spots near Angra dos Reis

Wrecks are the main dive sites of Angra dos Reis. There is a wrecked Panamian cargo ship Pinguino laying 15 to 20 m deep. Bezerra de Menezes is a 66 meter-long ship from 19th century. Aquidaban is a tragically famous ship which was almost destroyed at the beginning of the 20th century.