Scuba Diving in United States of America

The USA is the fourth largest country in the world, it includes all the climatic zones and is washed by three oceans: The Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. Despite the widely spread opinion, that divers have nowhere else to go in America besides the tourist regions of Florida and California, diving is well developed in many other places on the West and East Coasts. Same is true for the numerous lakes as well. Varied climate, vast aquatic territories and a lot of alluring islands- America has something unique to offer to every diver. You can enjoy the local diversity of underwater life, try cave diving or wreck diving at one of the numerous reefs here. Besides, diving is often available all the year round in many locations, however, in winter you may need a wetsuit when diving in the northern regions.

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Experienced divers will enjoy the Molasses Reef. The coral block full of canyons and caves creates a favourable environment for a variety of creatures. Besides typical coral reef dwellers, there are also large pelagic fish, such as dorado, marlin, caranx. The top of the coral plateau at the Molasses Reef nearly reaches the water surface, and its sheer wall goes down 17 meters deep.
Near Jupiter Island, Florida, divers can try one of the most dangerous diving activities: diving with the lemon shark, also known as yellow shark or Panama shark. These predators never attack humans on purpose, but they may do so by mistake or out of fear. However, their appearance always attracts underwater photographers, professional divers and amateurs: these huge fish, up to 4 meters long, stand out from other shark species due to their yellow-brown skin colour.
Third biggest coral reef system in the world, located near Key Largo Island in Florida. its inhabitants include 6 thousand species of plants, fish and invertebrates, while crystal clear water, which is never colder than 22 °С, creates perfect conditions for diving. This spot is called The Diving Capital of the World. In 2002 Spiegel Grove landing platform dock 155 meters long was submerged here to make the landscape even more picturesque.
Even experienced divers may feel timid in the Neptune Park located near Miami: it is a real underwater cemetery with sculptures made of cement mixed with cremains. The project was intended to be a copy of The Lost City of Atlantis, but in the end, it became the first underwater memorial park in the world. In addition, it is considered to be the largest artificial reef in the world occupying 65,000 sq. m. of the sea bottom.
The coasts of Floridian Islands attract treasure hunters due to a large number of ships that were sent to the bottom by pirates. You can often find human skeletons and schools of playful fish: white and black grunts, as well as trumpet fish waiting silently for their prey. There plenty of shipwrecks near Oahu Island (Hawaiian: Oʻahu), for example, MV Mahi oil tanker. The 60-meter-long ship stands vertically so that experienced divers may get inside.

Diving Destinations in United States of America

Florida is called the diving capital of the USA. The underwater world is rich and intriguing: there are a lot of natural and artificial reefs and wrecks by the shore. Besides, Florinda boasts a well-developed diving infrastructure. You should also visit the rocky underwater reefs of California, volcanic landscapes near the Hawaiian coast, wrecks of North Carolina and freshwater bodies: for example, Lake Michigan with its mysterious underwater "Stonehenge" which was discovered by scientists in 2007.

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Dive Shops in United States of America

Many dive shops offer their services on West and East Coasts. They provide training and retraining programmes, as well as tours for different levels: to the most popular dive spots, cave diving, wreck diving and night diving. Quite a few underwater equipment manufacturers decided to base their headquarters in the USA, so divers have a wide variety from which to choose.

Сlimate & Seasonality

Spring is the end of dry season in Florida and the beginning of a hot and rainy period. The number of sunny days increases and the air temperature rises to +32-33 °C, while the water warms up to +25 °C.


The average air temperature in Florida during summer varies from 26 °С in the north to 28 °С in the south, the maximum temperature seldom reaches 38 °С. In summer months Florida is also exposed by tropical cyclones.


Autumn the start of the dry season. The air temperature settles at +28-29 °С; the water temperature is +26-27 °C. There are fewer sunny days in November.


Due to the mild winter in Miami, the resort enjoys particular popularity through this season. Moreover, winter is the high season in Miami. The average air temperature varies from +12 °С in the north to +20 °С in the south.

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The Best Dive Sites

You will come across four-meter-long sea cows among intricately shaped grottos in Kings Bay. A picturesque chain of wrecks leading from Fort Lauderdale to Miami. 3 oil platforms, M-60 tanks, a large barge are just some of them. Visit John Pennenkamp Coral Reef, that has become home for dozens of species of corals and over 600 species of fish. We also highly recommend diving in caves of North Florida.

Health & Safety

The healthcare standard in the US is high, however, it is impossible to be attended to without presenting insurance: in some cases, an absence of insurance may result in a fine. People usually go to the hospital only in severe cases. However, there are medical isles (or an ER) in many pharmacies, where you can get first aid in case of minor accident or illness. Such services typically cost between $20 and $40. Vaccinations against polio, tetanus, diphtheria are necessary before visiting the country. As for safety, the rate of pickpocketing is very high in some big cities. Experienced tourists advise not to leave valuables and cash in your hotel room.

Dangerous Marine Life

Contact with jellyfish will be unpleasant. For example, the lion's mane jellyfish has long tentacles, up to 30 meters, which can damage the skin deeply. Touching swim bladder of Physalia, mostly known as Portuguese man o' war, will cause severe inflammation.

Eat & Drinks

During the North American colonisation, familiar English dishes were mixed with Indian cooking traditions and received a new taste. Here is a bright example: love of smoked meat and outdoor barbecue. The favourite soft drink, Coca-Cola, has also inherited the distinct taste of a local plant. American cuisine is often associated with fast food, and a variety of fast food restaurants is awe-inspiring here. Still, gastronomic habits are very diverse in different states. If you are in Florida, you should try the traditional lime pie. Tap water in the USA is usually safe and suitable for drinking.