Scuba Diving in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago (Republic of Trinidad and Tobago) is an island country in the Caribbean Sea. The country includes two relatively large islands: Tobago and Trinidad, as well as a group of smaller islands. Here you can enjoy the lush exotic nature with beautiful beaches and small bays. It is one of the most popular places for diving. Excellent conditions for scuba-diving, drift-diving, reef-diving, and wreck-diving were created in this country. The waters of the Caribbean, rich in plankton, attract many underwater inhabitants. Among the picturesque coral reefs, sunken ships, walls, canyons are hiding cobies, tarpons, eels, spotted eagle rays, and various species of sharks. You can observe an active and vibrant marine life in natural conditions here.

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Diving along the Mt. Irvine Wall. In Trinidad and Tobago, you can find the picturesque canyons, cracks, and ledges that have become home to many species of fish and seahorses. Here is a massive coral reef, inhabited by cobies, tarpons, and eels. In Arnos Vale among the sands and coral rocks are hidden spotted eagle rays.
Stunning underwater landscapes. The site with the largest brain corals of the Caribbean is Keleston Drain or rock formation with five peaks- The Sisters, rising from a depth of 40 meters, with caves and protrusions. Here, among the diversity of sea creatures you can find reef sharks and hammerhead sharks.
Try wreck diving. At a depth of 15 to 30 meters lies the 107-meter car ferry "MV Maverick", which is practically unharmed. The ferry has become a home to a variety of marine life, including turtles, eagles, large barracudas, and cobias. Another fascinating wreck is a purposefully flooded vessel “Rocky Point”, which was chosen by schools of various fish.
Dive into one of the most popular places- the Flying Reef. This long reef is only 15 meters deep Soft corals and big sponges reign here. Among this magnificent landscapes, a variety of reef fish circle. Sailing past giant colonies of multi-coloured table corals, you can find spotted eagle rays.
The chance to come across bull and tiger shark on the picturesque diving site Diver’s Thirst. The name of the dive site already states that here you can expect an exciting dive. This fantastic place is richly decorated with colourful corals, inhabited by a variety of bright fish, including spotted eagle rays, manta rays, sea turtles, baleen sharks, nurse sharks, and black reef sharks.

Diving Destinations in Trinidad and Tobago

A plenty of dive sites on Trinidad and Tobago. One of the most popular places is the island of Small Tobago with its fantastic coral reefs and the village of Speyside with the world's largest brain coral. Pigeon Point Beach and Pirate Bay are well-known snorkelling spots. The Chaguaramas peninsula is a unique place where you can see numerous whale sharks and manta rays.

Memo Notes
Currency TTD - Trinidad and Tobago Dollar
Languages English
Timezone UTC -4
Phone code 1
Emergency Help 1868

Type A - 115 V, 60 Hz

Type B - 115 V, 60 Hz

Dive Shops in Trinidad and Tobago

There are many dive shops on the islands. They offer daily tours and safaris. In the shops, you can rent the necessary equipment, rent a boat or yacht, undergo specialized training and use the services of a guide-instructor.

Сlimate & Seasonality

In the Spring there is heat with a high level of humidity. May marks the beginning of a season of torrential rains. The air temperature reaches + 28-30 °С, and the water heats to + 26- 28 °С.


In the Summer, the weather is hot with torrential rains. August brings even more rains, but they are intermittent. The air temperature is + 30-32 °С, water: + 28-30 °С.


In Autumn, the weather is hot with more torrential rains. Rainfall significantly decreases in November. The air temperature reaches +28-31 °С, and the water is +28-30 °С.


In Winter, the weather is consistently warm. In December, precipitation is unlikely, in January and February, a maximum of 1-2 rainy days is observed.The air temperature is + 26-28 °С, water: + 26-27 °С.

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The Best Dive Sites

There are many intriguing dive sites, but first, you need to visit such dive sites as sunken ferry "MV Maverick", Sisters, Shark Bank, "Aquarium", London Bridge, Keleston-Drain, Irwin Wall, Diver’s Thirst, and Flying Reef.

Health & Safety

The island is equipped with the latest medical facilities. There are public and private clinics. Tourists are advised to apply for international insurance in case of an emergency evacuation from the island by air. It is recommended to get vaccinated against hepatitis A and B, influenza, measles and rubella. Even though the economy on the island is well developed, it does not protect tourists from the armed attacks of local bandits.

Dangerous Marine Life

There are dangerous sea creatures in the Caribbean. It is necessary to be careful when encountering different types of sharks, jellyfish, lionfish, and warts. Additionally, a potential danger comes from moray eels and stingrays.

Eat & Drinks

The basis of local cuisine is a mixture of African, Chinese, Indian and sometimes preserved European cooking traditions. We recommend trying different types of seafood grilled on charcoal. When it comes to meat dishes you can try the possum meat (mani), armadillo (tattoo) or lizards. Or a more familiar lappa (fried rabbit). If you are here for Christmas, take a moment to try pastels, a traditional meat pie served in banana leaves. If you are adventurous about drinks, do not miss the opportunity to try authentic rum. The tap water is chlorinated and usable, but it is still adviced to buy bottled water for drinking.