Scuba Diving in Mauritius

Mauritius is an island nation in the southeastern Indian Ocean, this territory is geographically related to East Africa. Despite its volcanic origin, it is now a tranquil region that boasts an almost uninterrupted coral reef forming warm lagoons near the islands. Igneous rocks abound in caves and grottoes. Mauritius is one of the best places for scuba diving thanks to the crystal clear waters of the ocean, an abundance of marine life and many interesting dive sites. There are ideal conditions for any diver, from a beginner to a professional. Beginners will be offered diving in the shallows of the island, and professionals — mysterious underwater caves, rocks, reefs and more than 20 sunken ships.

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The animal world here is overflowing with diversity — from the typical inhabitants of coral reefs, such as clownfish, butterflyfish and reef stonefish, to the large lobsters, tiger sharks and even sea cows, sometimes swimming to warm waters behind the reef. If you are lucky, you will meet with a leatherback turtle, although these species prefer peace and solitude.
This is the perfect place for wreck-diving because more than 20 ships rest at the bottom of the sea. In local waters lies the famous English ship from the XIX century. "Sirius", an intentionally flooded fishing trawler "Stella Maru", the XVII century ship. Star Hope, vessels Emily and Silver Star. The sunken ships became home to numerous representatives of marine life.
Thanks to its excellent visibility and reef protection from the waves around Mauritius, it is possible to night-dive to various depths. Be sure to take an ultraviolet lantern with you — so the coral reef will dazzle for you with a variety of completely new colours! Grand Bay and Pereybere are considered ideal for night diving. It is home to a variety of tropical fish, nudibranchs, shrimp, black scorpionfish.
Uneven terrain, depths of up to 30 m and high water clarity make Mauritius incredibly attractive for diving. Only near Flic-en-Flac, there are more than 40 places of interest with caves and wrecks. The abundance of sites and accessible depths for beginners go hand in hand with risky swims in the open sea with a strong current. Here everyone can choose immersion in according to their level and preference.
The most spectacular dive site on the north coast is the Whale Rock dive site. At a depth of 30-40 m, is a large rocky plateau, where high green corals and a rare species of black corals could be found. Here are the caves and canyons, where among the flocks of colourful tropical fish live eels and hammerhead sharks.
Memo Notes
Currency MUR - Mauritian Rupee
Languages English
Timezone UTC +4
Phone code 230
Emergency Help 999

Type C - 230 V, 50 Hz

Type G - 230 V, 50 Hz

Dive Shops in Mauritius

Most dive shops are located on the east coast — in the popular resort of Puant-de-Flack. More than 30 registered dive shops successfully operate on the country. Many dive shops are located at hotels and offer diving training, equipment rental, dive tours and instructor-guide services.

Сlimate & Seasonality

In the Spring (from September to November), it is peaceful and quiet here. Because of the cool weather, there are very few tourists. At this time there is minimal rainfall, so it is well suited for diving. The air temperature is +23-28 ° C, water varies between +24 and 25 ° C.


Summer (from December to February) is the beginning of an active diving season. The country is dominated by hot weather with short rains. The air temperature is standing at +30 ° C, the water temperature is approximately +26-28 ° C.


Autumn is the time of changeable weather. You will find the heat and the short rains chase after each other. May is the most favourable month for diving. It is a dry and warm month. The air temperature fluctuates between +26 and 30 ° C, the water temperature is steadily standing at +26 ° C.


Winter (June to August) is considered a cold time and is characterized by a small number of tourists. Strong winds are blowing and it is often raining at this time of the year. The air temperature is +22-25 ° C, water temperature does not exceed +24 ° C.

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The Best Dive Sites

Popular dive sites with wrecks are located in the north and the west of the island, near Grand Bay, Grand Bay, Flic en Flac and Troux aux Biches. Near Grand Bay and Pereybere are the Whale Rock, the Water Lily, Emily, Silver Star, and Coral Garden. Also, the Bella Mare lagoon, the Cathedral, the Rosh Zozo, Colorado, and the Sirius wreck are quite attractive.

Health & Safety

In Mauritius, the level of medical services is fairly satisfactory, emergency medical care is provided around the clock. Prior to your visit, the following vaccinations are recommended: diphtheria, tetanus and yellow fever. The crime rate is relatively low, follow the usual precautions.

Dangerous Marine Life

It is relatively safe in Mauritius. Standard precautions should be taken while diving. Dangerous sharks are very rare here. Most beaches are completely safe: there haven't been any cases of shark attacks. There is a small chance to stumble on a deadly poisonous flower urchin that live near corals.

Eat & Drinks

The local cuisine has absorbed many traditions: Creole, French, Indian and Chinese. We recommend you to try Dholl puri — thin tortillas with peas and spices that are reminiscent of Indian dishes. As on all islands, seafood dishes are common, and you should not miss the opportunity to try them. Each island has its own recipe, and even fish dishes, such as Vindaye, may differ from island to island.
A slightly tart tea made from natural vanilla, which is collected here on the islands, is an ideal drink. Since tap water here may be unsafe to drink, it is advisable to consume only bottled water.