Scuba Diving in Jordan

Jordan is an Arab country located in the Middle East. It is washed by the Dead Sea and the Aqaba Bay. Its history started 250 thousand years ago and covers the Bronze Age, battles against Alexander the Great and the Roman Empire, the birth of Christianity and the Ottoman Empire. The breath of centuries is on the land and in the water. Just imagine diving into the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea and seeing human craftsmanship form many centuries ago. Diving is a favourite hobby of the Jordanian King.
Aqaba has become a popular diving spot. Here you will see the wreck of a warplane C-130 called Hercules which was destined to become a reef. It is inhabited by little turtles, reef stonefish, octopuses and moray eels, clownfish and Pterois, black and soft corals. There are also shipwrecks, such as Cedar Pride, and even the light American tank M41 Walker Bulldog. You can dive in Jordan both in the daytime and at night.

Reasons to Visit

Where to go
in Jordan?
Jordan offers diving for beginners, as well as for professional divers. You can dive from 8 to 30 meters deep. There you will find a lot of turtles and octopuses, and also a rare black coral. Besides rare plants, the seabed boasts 74 meters long Cedar Pride shipwreck lying 25 meters deep.
There are over 800 species of fish and corals varying in colour, structure and shape. Sea dwellers of these waters are much larger than those living in other parts of the World Ocean. The Red Sea of Jordan allures visitors and discloses the diverse and hospitable underwater world, introducing quick octopuses, graceful moray eels, showing peculiar scorpionfish and various stonefish.
New Canyon is a beautiful reef. It consists of wonderful corals of all colours of the rainbow. Divers visit it to enjoy the brightness of sealife: crabs, octopuses, squids, starfish, sea urchins and polyp butterflyfish. The reef is famous for its wreck of the American tank M41 Walker Bulldog which is covered with seaweed but still has all important parts including the gun. It lies in the shallow waters and even those who dive for the first time can reach it.
Aqaba Bay features very salty and crystal clear waters with visibility being up to 50 meters. Cedar Pride sank in 1985 and lies near the shore at the depth of 27 meters. Its holds are open for visitors, however, try not to frighten away the new dwellers. Now it is home for sharp-toothed barracudas, bright and mottle marine angelfish, fantastic Pterois and wise turtles.
Japanese Gardens Reef in Aqaba is a magical place. It was called a Garden because of the high reef trees with small colourful anthiases, communicative humphead wrasses, slow marine turtles and amazing octopuses swimming among them. This place is always full of fish, so you can see all the variety of the underwater world from small horse mackerels to giant groupers. There are also moray eels and tunas.

Diving Destinations in Jordan

Many comfortable hotels are available in Aqaba. The coastline incorporates sand beaches and shingle beaches with coral reefs not far off the shore. The bay is famous for its unique and rich underwater world. Local waters hide 30 interesting dive sites providing variety of diving opportunities. The popular wrecks are: M42 Duster anti-aircraft tank, Cedar Pride and Al Shorouk sea crafts, C-130 C-130 Hercules plane. There are walls, gardens and caves, which are inhabited by crabs, jellyfish, rockfish, marine angelfish, butterflyfish, clownfish and red mullets.

Memo Notes
Currency JOD - Jordanian Dinar
Languages Arabic
Timezone UTC +2
Phone code 962
Emergency Help 196

Type B - 230 V, 50 Hz

Type C - 230 V, 50 Hz

Type D - 230 V, 50 Hz

Type F - 230 V, 50 Hz

Type G - 230 V, 50 Hz

Type J - 230 V, 50 Hz

Dive Shops in Jordan

local dive shops provide a full range of services, including dives arrangement and equipment rental, as well as beginner certifications. You can buy a package of dives at a lower price. Both daytime and nighttime dives are practised here. Diving from shore takes place where possible.

Сlimate & Seasonality

In spring the temperature in Jordan is comfortable. Winter winds recede and summer heat is yet to come. The average temperature in March reaches +22 °C, in April and May it goes up to +24 °C. Aqaba is the hottest with +29 °C.


Summer is hot and dry. When the temperature reaches + 38 and +39 °C, everything stands still. Even water can't cool down the air, because the temperature in the Dead Sea reaches +30 °C and the Red Sea: +28 °C.


September is still hot in Jordan. October brings coolness and the temperatures drop to +27 °C. However, Aqaba remains hot. The water is warm: +25 °C.


In winter the air temperature in Aqaba is stagnant at +21 or 22 °C. This season is windy. It rains and sometimes snows in the north of the country. The water temperature is comfortable at +20 °C.

high season
middle season
low season

The Best Dive Sites

The Yellowstone Reef is formed on the ancient coral shelf plate. It is partially seen above the water but if you dive to the seafloor, you will see more miracles. Here you can come across sea fans and sponges, rays, humphead wrasses and rockfish, swimming slowly near the rare black corals.
Paradise is a site for wall diving fans. At first, you will see impressive gardens with red corals and turtles above them, and then there is plenty of fish, such as Pterois, marine angelfish, rockfish and barracuda.

Health & Safety

Private, high-quality health care is available in Amman. Hospital services outside of the big cities are rather poor. Doctors may request money for treatment even if you have an international health insurance. There were cases of coronavirus. Infectious diseases, such as hepatitis, measles, rabies and fever, are widespread. Before visiting Jordan appropriate vaccination is recommended.
Punishment for crimes is severe, so tourists can feel safe. The only places you should avoid visiting are regions near the Syrian border.

Dangerous Marine Life

The Red Sea is full of predators that look harmless but are dangerous for divers. They are not moray eels or whitetip reef sharks. While diving in warm waters, beware of reef stonefish. Its spines contain paralyzer which kills in 2 to 4 hours if no immediate measures are taken. Cone snails, electric rays and Pterois are also harmful to humans.

Eat & Drinks

Mansaf is a huge dish filled with white rice looking like pearl drops. Atop there is meat cooked in sour cream sauce and dressed with roast golden brown cedar nuts and almonds. It is served with meat broth and has incredible spicy flavour. Farooj is grilled chicken with a light smell of spice and smoke. It is served on a large plate with juicy vegetable salads, greens and lemon. Its taste is unforgettable. This abundance can be complemented with specially brewed tea with a mix of mint and black tea or splendid Arabic coffee. Since tap water here may be unsafe to drink, it is advisable to consume only bottled water.