Scuba Diving in Brunei Darussalam

Brunei Darussalam is a sultanate in Southeast Asia, on the northwest of Kalimantan Island. Its shores are washed over by the South China Sea. It is known as the Islamic Disneyland because of the sultan's enormous wealth. The country boasts of not only incredible wealth, but also in the surrounding waters. Tourists can see various species of fish, dolphins and shipwrecks there. Even though all of that attracts divers to Brunei, diving is not the main feature of this place. The main, unmissable attraction of a sea bed are coral reefs forming the famous coral triangle.

Reasons to Visit

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The South China Sea is famous for having a diverse underwater world. Here you can see exotic fishes, swordfish, largehead hairtail, tuna and marlins. Rays are the oldest dwellers on the sea bed. There are several species of rays in this region: sawfish, numbfish, fantail rays, stingrays, electric rays and eagle rays. The coastal waters of Brunei are also full of sharks, octopuses and dolphins.
The diving safari includes a boat trip to remote places in order to explore them. They recommend diving from small boats equipped with balancing floats. These constructions are locally called banka boats. Daily diving is an opportunity for diving several times a day from the shore or near it. This is usually offered to beach hotel residents.
Coral reefs in the China South Sea have a fascinating beauty. They form the famous coral triangle. This species' ecosystem occupies 45 sq. km along the shore and is a home for many species of underwater dwellers. During the dives you will see seashells, sea urchins, starfishes and exotic reef fishes. Muraena eels and sharks also live here.
Wreck lovers will find a lot of exciting things in Brunei. The bottom of the South China Sea became the final destination for the ships from different historic periods. There are four ship wrecks known as The American Wreck, The Australian Wreck, The Cement Wreck and Blue Water Wreck. They lie at a depth of 30 to 35 meters. Two of them sank during World War II and the other two sank during the 80s in the past century.
Macro photography is another reason to go to Kalimantan Island in Brunei (Indonesian: Kalimantan). The deep waters are colourful and diverse and it will be easy to find a subject for a good shot. Take corals alone! Every curve is unique. You will see hundreds of gleaming, exotic fish in a wide range of colours. A lot of species of sea weed will also contribute to great photos.

Diving Destinations in Brunei Darussalam

Kalimantan Island and the South China Sea will impress any diver. You can dive as deep as 65 meters depending on the site. The warm water is crystal clear and the underwater world is diverse. Here you can see rare species of turtles and barracudas, rays and sharks, and take part in a diving safari and daily diving. Wreck lovers will be fascinated by shipwrecks.

Memo Notes
Currency BND - Brunei Dollar
Timezone UTC +8
Phone code 673
Emergency Help 991

Dive Shops in Brunei Darussalam

Brunei is a small country and despite the rich sea world there aren't many dive shops here. However, Scuba Tech International dive shop is in Jerudong. Divers can book a diving tour or rent equipment there. You can also do a training course or an advanced training course with a diving coach.

Сlimate & Seasonality

The air temperature during the day ranges from +31 to +33 ˚С and +24 ˚С at night. On average there are 7 rainy days a month. The water temperature ranges from +28 to +30 ˚С. It is quite windy. The average wind speed is 7.5 kmph.


When summer begins, the weather in Brunei doesn't change. The air temperature ranges from +30 to +32 ˚С and the water temperature reaches +30 ˚С. There are no more than 5 rainy days a month. The sea is calm.


In September the air warms up to 31 ˚С and the water temperature in the South China Sea is 30 ˚С. There are 18 sunny days a month. In November the temperature is a few degrees lower. Rain is more frequent.


In winter there are more rains in Brunei. In December the air temperature reaches +32 ˚С during the day and +23 ˚С at night. The water temperature is +29 ˚С. In January and February it drops by a couple of degrees.

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The Best Dive Sites

Shipwrecks, which are always attractive for divers, can be found in Bay Brunei. Coral reefs are part of the coral triangle and they display the beauty of this ecosystem. The underwater world at the shores of Brunei is diverse and allows you to take bright photos.

Health & Safety

There is a high level of safety in Brunei but it is recommended to avoid any participation in protest events.
The healthcare is also rather good. In case you take some medicines with you, you need to check if they are legal in this country. Vaccination against typhus is highly recommended. The WHO also advises vaccinations against hepatitis A, hepatitis B, rabies and Japanese encephalitis. The latter is recommended for those who are going to stay there longer than two or three weeks. Before you visit the country, find out about local laws, for example those concerning the import of alcohol, food and drink during Ramadan and the ban on homosexual relationships.

Dangerous Marine Life

The South China Sea at the coast of Brunei is inhabited by venomous spiky fish (pterois, scorpion fish, whiptail stingray), jellyfish and siphonophores with very strong poison. These creatures are much more dangerous than sharks. Watch your steps carefully to avoid being injured by a sharp coral.

Eat & Drinks

Bruneian cuisine includes that of southeast Asia, as well as Arab and Indian traditions. A traveller must try Biryani, chicken stewed with spices such as: ginger, garlic, chili, poppy seeds, almond, and boiled in coconut milk.
Roast shrimp has an unusual and pleasant flavour. Restaurants also serve large juicy white and pink shrimp stewed with broccoli and pepper and seasoned with brown sugar, ginger, orange juice and soy sauce, which has a special sweet and spicy flavour. Tap water is chlorinated, however bottled water would be a better choice.